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Online Quiz

This theory work is a prerequisite for First Aid courses (except HTLAID001)

The theory work must be completed prior to attending all First Aid courses

Note: Education and Care First Aid requires a small additional quiz


  1. Ensure you have your USI
  2. Take the multiple choice quiz – allow 2 hours
  3. Print and sign the completed quiz *
  4. Send printed quiz to admin@assurance.training  *

Note: This will take you to abcfirstaid.net.au to complete the quiz

Important information

Employers who book on behalf of other staff must provide the instructions regarding the completion of theory work, either the hard copy or online version to each staff member.
If you are unable to send the completed quiz prior to the class, you Must bring the theory work with you. Also allow an extra 30 minutes in class for marking and review.
Students completing the online version may picture text signed copies to 0422 596 006