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Click the link below to begin your theory quiz.

The theory quiz is designed to be completed before your practical session.  It is very important that your theory work is completed prior to your training day, as this theory underpins the practical face to face training.

Child care and Advanced first aid courses have 2 quizzes to complete. The second quiz is below the first.

Online Quiz


Please note, that when students do not contact us, and do not have their theory work  completed in time for training, a $10 fee will be applied.

Late supply of completion certificates create a significant amount of administrative cost.

We do understand that in some cases there are extenuating circumstances. Please contact us BEFORE the day of training so that we can assist you and avoid frustration and delays. Phoning on the morning of training is not a good idea, as staff are busy preparing for class.

*we are happy to print your certificate, please email us with your login and password, and we can have this ready for you to sign when you arrive.