HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

The First Aid Group. RTO 32268

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The aim of this course is to develop participants skills, knowledge & confidence in performing essential life saving techniques of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to a non breathing casualty until medical help arrives on the scene.

Our CPR course is a 2.5 hr practical course (no pre-study) and includes defib (AED) training as standard.

CPR can be conducted as a stand-alone course and is also part of our Provide First Aid Course. CPR Statements of Attainment are issued by The First Aid Group- RTO 32268 and are renewable annually.
Our CPR course satisfies 1 competency unit from the Health Training Package (HLT07):

This unit appears on your CPR Statement of Attainment

Course Duration: 2-3hrs
Course Prerequisite: Provision of USI (from usi.gov.au)
Qualification Issued: Statement of Attainment - HLTAID001 Perform CPR
Certificate Validity: Certificate is valid for 1 year.

Note: The CPR certificate should be refreshed every 12 months

What to bring: A pen, Photo I.D (Drivers Licence, Student card),  Comfortable & Modest Clothing, appropriate for practical sessions

Students who do not attend will not be eligible for a refund. Students who are more than 15 minutes late will need to rebook a new session at their own expense.  48hours notice is required for any changes, which allows your position to be re sold.

Course Information:
Be prepared to start on time, ensuring you allow time for parking, and registration on the day.
Please read the policies and procedures guidelines


Language Literacy & Numeracy Requirements

Participants will require suitable LLN skills to complete the following tasks/skills:

  • Read information from a PowerPoint and whiteboard
  • Listen and understand verbal information delivered by an English-speaking trainer
  • Complete written incident report forms in English
  • Read and answer a multiple-choice question paper
  • Read and answer a short-written answer test
  • Listen to instructions of an Automated External Defibrillator where prompts are delivered in English
  • Be able to count to 30