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Major Bleed Trauma Bag

Major Bleed Trauma Bag

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Compliments any standard first aid kit


Be prepared when serious injury occurs on your site.

The Major Bleed Trauma Bag is the essential life-saving kit for any work site.

Be prepared for life-threatening injuries such as entrapment, amputation, and crush with tourniquets and packing gauze.

With additional tools to improvise tourniquets and manage shock, this bag can save lives when every second counts.



Kit Includes

  • sof t wide tourniquet (black or red)
  • packing gauze
  • trauma shears 15cm
  • clinical waste bag
  • clear safety glasses
  • 2 pairs nitrile gloves
  • sterile combine 20 x 90cm
  • scissors stainless steel 13 cm
  • 2 heavy weight bandage 10cm x 4m
  • thermal blanket
  • 2 calico triangular bandage
  • no #15 wound dressing
  • no #14 wound dressing


For management of life threatening bleeding. Contains items to pack junctional bleeds and manage amputation.

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