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BLIZZARD Orange Trauma Blanket

BLIZZARD Orange Trauma Blanket

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Hypothermia treatment is a critical part of first aid when dealing with trauma-induced shock and where the body has insufficient ability to maintain body temperature.

The Blizzard EMS Trauma Blanket is designed to treat hypothermia in trauma patients in cases of hemorrhage, burns, inclement weather exposure, and immersion in water. Its 2-layer Reflexcell material provides unparalleled thermal insulation (TOG 5) to protect against inclement weather or for use in the treatment of hypothermia. Its compact design stows conveniently in your backpack or IFAK pouch. Available in either flat-packed or vacuum-packed packaging.


  • Full-length 2-layer blanket

  • Reflexcell material

  • Front access

  • Double-sided tape closure

  • TOG 5 warmth

  • Lightweight

  • Available color: Orange

  • Flat-packed or vacuum-packed

Image of BLIZZARD Orange EMS Trauma Blanket 230 x 196cm

Image of BLIZZARD Orange EMS Trauma Blanket 230 x 196cm

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