Collection: Defibrillators

Why invest in an AED? AED's give many casualties a second chance at life! An AED tells you what to do from start to finish during a cardiac arrest. These devices will check the casualties heart rhythm automatically every 2 minutes, to see if a shock needs to be delivered and will instruct the user how to give CPR.


Defibrillators save lives-literally!

Also know as an AED or defib, a defibrillator  can make the critical difference in saving lives during sudden cardiac emergencies.

There are 2 brands that we enjoy recommending to our customers based on price and ease of use.

HeartSine & ZOLL

We recommend both of these units, as the upfront cost is great value. Each unit has a few great points of difference which we love.

HeartSine 350, 360 & 500P

Point of different from other models on the market.

Two parts one expiry! This unit has a single cartridge containing the pads and battery, making maintenance really easy. 

This unit is responsible for saving the life of  Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page.


Point of different from other models on the market

Our customers love this unit because if has a super simple one piece chest template.

These are the pads that need to be applied to the patients chest. You simply cannot put them on wrong!

This unit also include a mini chest prep pack, so you are able to shear through clothing and shave hair, that would other wise prevent the pads from sticking properly to the patients chest.

Although we recommend a more robust chest prep, this unit comes ready for use. 

We order when you order!

We get the best date possible for each customer.

The freshest pads and batteries, meaning that your machine is operational for longer before your pads or batteries expire.

While you will get the same units from other reputable sellers at a lower upfront cost, it is often the case that you may find your new defibrillator will need consumable pads and batteries after only a a year or two

When investing in a defibrillator, we find that many of our customers benefit from further investment by becoming CPR qualified.

This gives defib owners an extra layer of understanding in how to manage a situation which requires the use of an AED in conjunction with Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

Gaining & maintaining  a current CPR qualification ensures that your skills remain sharp, and your stress responses during an incident are well managed.

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