What is the difference between an express and standard course?

Excellent question!

An express course is where part of the course is delivered and assessed online.

We provide you with access to our online learning platform where you watch professional first aid videos and answer some multiple-choice questions.

This means that you attend a shorter session at our training centres (or your workplace if you are organising onsite training).

Our online learning platform is user friendly and can be accessed on desktops, laptops, tablets and even your smartphone!

standard course is where the content and assessment is conducted completely face-to-face with no e-learning prior to training.

This means you attend a longer in-class session. 

Some of our courses offer both modes of delivery, however, some courses only offer one or the other.

The accreditation you receive from each delivery mode is the same.

The only difference between the two is the style of delivery and assessment. 

Since the introduction of express courses in 2020, they have become the most popular way of people completing training with us. 

Can I complete CPR compressions on a manikin on a table?

To provide you with the most realistic training possible we require all participants to complete their training at floor level, as required by ASQA

We will do everything to get you over the line!

We provide knee pads, and can assist you up off the ground after your practical.

In some cases, we can offer a more private setting before class for your CPR practical to reduce anxiety.

Are your courses the same as St John and Red Cross?

Yes, our courses are nationally accredited and meet all national standards.

Each student practices on on very state of the art, high fidelity training equipment.

We run up-to-date courses for all training and would be happy to answer any questions about the content covered in the course should you need any further information.

How can I find my USI? What is a USI!

Create or retrieve your USI here- usi.gov.au

From 1 January 2015 all students undertaking nationally recognised training delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as Paradise First Aid will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

A USI gives students access to their online USI account which is made up of ten numbers and letters.

It will look something like this: 3AW88YH9U5.

A USI account will contain all of a student’s nationally recognised training records and results from 1 January 2015 onwards.

A student’s results from 2015 will be available in their USI account in 2016.

When applying for a job or enrolling in further study, students will often need to provide their training records and results.

One of the main benefits of the USI is that students will have easy access to their training records and results throughout their life.

Students can access their USI account online from a computer, tablet or smart phone anywhere and anytime.

Do you offer one on one training?


How ever this is charged at the normal course price, plus $85 per hour.

One on one sessions generally can be delivered quicker than public sessions, as there is only one person to assess.

Please call our office to arrange, as dates are limited.

These sessions often suit those who have suffered a recent traumatic incident, breast feeding mums who need more privacy, or urgency related to FIFO employment.

I cant find my certificate, what should I do?

Please email us at admin@assurance.training and we will be happy to email you a PDF copy of your A4 certificate. Please be aware that printing fees of $10 will apply to supply Statement of Attainment cards or providing hard copy A4 certificates.

Will I receive a certificate following training?

Students who are deemed competent will be issued a digital certificate with in 48 hours of training.

Students who have opted to purchase a wallet sized certificate will also have this posted out with in 10 days from training.

This will be emailed to the same email address that has been used to complete E Learning.

Students should also forward a copy to their employer where applicable.

Is the training nationally recognised?

The First Aid Group is a Registered Training Organisations (32268). All our courses are nationally recognised and workplace approved. Our registration can be viewed at the following https://training.gov.au/Organisation/Details/32268

I'd like to see what others think, where can I see an independent review?

When participants complete training with us we give them the opportunity to complete a training evaluation on their workbooks.

Follow this link if you would like to read some of the Google reviews we have received.

Some participants also choose to leave Facebook Reviews and reviews through Klaviyo at the product on our website.

What is the cost of each course?

Please click here, and select the course you are interested in to see pricing.

Pricing varies for onsite, large groups and one on one sessions.

What are the physical requirements of CPR training?

Students are required to complete 2 minutes of uninterrupted CPR Practical on a manikin during training.

This must be completed at floor level and students will need to demonstrate correct technique as taught by a trainer.

Do you offer workplace training?

Yes! For minimum groups of 10, we offer onsite training.

We also offer private dates in our customised training centre.

We travel with in a 4 hour radius of Dubbo.

The most important thing to do here is secure your preferred date.

Click here to get a quote!

I would like to provide some positive feedback regarding the training I received, how can I do this?

Thank you for asking!

Being a small family business, Google Reviews have a massive impact for us.

If you are comfortable, and have 2 minutes and 5 stars, we would really appreciate your review.

Click here to review.

Google Review for Assurance Training & Sales

Allow me to support your business, feel free to request the same of me!

I have completed training but have not received my certificate, what should I do?

Certificates are emailed out, usually with in 48 business hours of your training session, if you are deemed competent and have supplied a valid USI.

Please check spam.

If you still cannot see your certificate, please email us admin@assurance.training.

This is the quickest way to track your certificates progress.

Can I buy a first aid kit or re stock supplies at my training course?


If you are coming to training at Dubbo Centre we have a wide range of kits and supplies available to purchase.

Alternatively, you can visit our online store to view products, kits, and place an online order.

Can I bring a child to class?

Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities available to allow you to bring children to training.

This includes babies in strollers.

Please see the FAQ regarding one on one training for options.

If you are a breast-feeding mum, we are happy to provide an area for you to feed if the baby can be brought in to you during the breaks.

Please let the trainer know if this is the case.

Can I bring a support person to class?


Just let us know, so we can ensure there are enough seats on that session.

You still need to perform all the practical's yourself.

I have a physical disability – can I still complete training?

We would love to have you attend a training course with us.

Please complete your booking over the phone 68829056 to discuss your disability with the team and inform us of any additional assistance you will require.

Please see physical requirements included in these FAQs for CPR.

Can I pay cash on the day?


Course fees must be paid at the time of booking and in some cases, in full within 24 hours of completing a booking.

Assurance Training & Sales does not allow students to pay cash on the day of training.

Want the fine print? See our Participant Information Handbook

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