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Premium Family 4WD Trauma Kit

Premium Family 4WD Trauma Kit

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Suits 6 people


This kit is custom built for Aussie Families doing a big lap!

More than your average mass produced kits, this kit includes standard compliant items for Australian workplace, plus several features making it unique.

  1. The side panel of this kit contains a QR code to take you directly to              Australian bites and stings App.
  2. Tourniquet for major bleed management
  3. Tick removal instrument
  4. Hydration sachets
  5. Snake bite indicator bandage 10 cm x 10m
  6. Waterproof vinyl vehicle first aid sticker to indicate kit onboard. 10 x15cm
  7. Practical waist strap for carrying kit,  which frees up hands when needing to access difficult environments.

This kit content is designed to directly support the most current first aid directives given in this easy to use app, and contains all the items you require.

The Bag

A large sized compact first aid bag with 5 clear insert pouches externally with sturdy carry handles and a waist strap. Inside there are multiple pocket, mesh pockets, clear pouches, Velcro loops and a fold out insert.

Kit Includes

  • vinyl vehicle first aid sticker
  • tick twister
  • whistle
  •  splint 90cm-rolled
  • sof-t tourniquet
  • hydration sachets x 2
  • snake indicator bandage 10cm x 10m
  •  first aid leaflet incl. CPR flowchart
  • content list
  • first aid notebook + pen   
  • disposable face shield sachet         
  • disposable nitrile gloves 2 pairs
  • gauze swabs 7.5 x 7.5cm x 2
  • eyewash & wound irrigation 15ml x 4
  • alcohol-free cleansing wipes x 6
  • povidone iodine swabs x 6
  • band-aids 25pk.
  • splinter probes 3.7cm 5pk
  • tweezers stainless steel 8cm
  • low adherent pad 5 x 5cm x 3
  • low adherent pad 10 x 7.5cm x 2
  • conforming gauze bandage 5 cm x 4m
  • conforming gauze bandage 7.5 cm x 4m
  • crepe bandage 10 cm x 4m             
  • stainless steel metal scissors 13cm
  • hypo-allergenic tape 2.5cm x 5m
  • first aid safety pins 6pk
  • wound dressing #14
  • sterile combine dressing 10x20 cm
  • amputated parts bags       
  • non-woven triangular bandage      
  • emergency thermal blanket            
  • low adherent oval eye pad x 2
  • burn gel sachets 3.5g x 3
  • instant ice pack 80g


Essential for high risk adventure families

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