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TICKTOX Tick Spray

TICKTOX Tick Spray

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Give ticks the flick.

Introducing Tick Tox®, the innovative Australian device designed to swiftly and effectively eliminate ticks with snap-freezing technology. Whether you're enjoying outdoor adventures with your furry friends or exploring nature yourself, Tick Tox® is your ultimate solution for tick and leech control.

Compact and portable, Tick Tox® is perfectly suited for outdoor life, fitting effortlessly into your pocket, purse, or backpack. With the power to kill more than 40 ticks per can, Tick Tox® ensures you're always prepared to combat these troublesome pests.

Using Tick Tox® is a breeze:

1. Spray: Mask your skin with the Tick Tox® bookmask, then aim the nozzle close to the tick and press the button for 1 second or less.
2. Freeze: Experience the instantaneous chilling effect as Tick Tox® lowers the temperature well below freezing.
3. Tick Dies: Watch as the tick is instantly frozen and rendered harmless, ensuring quick and efficient removal.

Not only does Tick Tox® eliminate ticks, but it also effectively tackles leeches, providing comprehensive protection during your outdoor excursions. Say goodbye to worries about tick bites and enjoy outdoor activities with confidence, thanks to Tick Tox®.

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