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Blast Bandage Gunshot|Explosion|Shrapnel

Blast Bandage Gunshot|Explosion|Shrapnel

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Gun Shot Wound, Bomb and Explosion Injury Trauma 

Ideal for gutshots – your ultimate solution for rapid trauma treatment in critical situations.

Engineered to address traumatic amputations, burns, and extensive wounds with unparalleled efficiency, this bandage revolutionizes emergency medical care.

The BLAST Bandage has a 50 cm x 50 cm treatment area while maintaining the compact size of a standard 4 combat bandage.

Its expansive non-adherent wound pad envelops limbs, offering  protection against shrapnel wounds or burns.

Equipped with an attached elastic wrap, securing the bandage is swift and hassle-free.

This elastic wrap ensures a conformed fit, preventing slippage even under high-stress scenarios, such as  amputations.

The inclusion of "brakes" adds an extra layer of security, preventing accidental unrolling during application.

Moreover, the BLAST Bandage features a removable occlusive layer, covering a 48 cm x 48 cm area.

This layer serves multiple purposes, from shielding abdominal contents to minimizing heat and moisture loss, thereby optimizing patient comfort and recovery.

With the BLAST Bandage, medical professionals gain a reliable ally in the field, enabling them to provide critical care swiftly and effectively.


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