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Sensitive Dressing Range

Sensitive Dressing Range

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Sensitive Dressing Range- the ideal protective dressing range tailored for individuals with sensitive skin.

Engineered with utmost care, this hypoallergenic and latex-free collection ensures gentle application without compromising on adhesion, thanks to our innovative SupaBond Adhesive.
**Key Features:**

- **Hypoallergenic:** Crafted specifically for sensitive skin types, our dressings are formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, providing comfort and peace of mind.

- **Latex-Free:** Free from latex materials, our dressings are suitable for individuals with latex sensitivities, ensuring universal compatibility and safety.

- **SupaBond Adhesive:** Experience superior adhesion without irritation, courtesy of our irritant-free SupaBond Adhesive, offering reliable protection while maintaining skin integrity.

Experience unparalleled comfort and protection with the "Sensitive" range, designed to prioritize the needs of sensitive skin while ensuring optimal adhesion and security.Image of AEROPLAST Sensitive Assorted Dressings Box/20
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