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Silicone Wound Contact Dressing

Silicone Wound Contact Dressing

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Introducing Silicone Wound Contact Dressing, a cutting-edge solution engineered for optimal wound care with minimal discomfort.

Crafted with advanced silicone adhesion technology, our dressing ensures gentle removal, minimizing trauma during changes for a pain-free experience.


1. **Non-Adherent Surface:** Constructed from medical-grade silicone, our dressing reduces the risk of adhesion to the wound, facilitating painless dressing changes.

2. **Gentle on Skin:** Perfect for sensitive or fragile skin, the silicone material diminishes the likelihood of skin irritation or allergic reactions.

3. **Translucent Design:** The see-through quality allows easy wound monitoring without frequent dressing removal, promoting convenience and efficiency.

4. **Flexible and Conformable:** Designed to adapt to body contours, ensuring a snug fit while enabling free movement for the patient's comfort.

5. **Breathable:** Fosters a moist wound environment while allowing excess moisture to evaporate, preventing maceration and promoting optimal healing.

6. **Protective Barrier:** Acts as a shield against external contaminants, minimizing the risk of infection and ensuring a clean healing environment.

7. **Versatile:** Suitable for various wound types, including post-operative wounds, minor burns, abrasions, and lacerations, providing comprehensive wound care support.

Experience superior wound care with AeroWound Silicone Wound Contact Dressing, prioritizing patient comfort and promoting better healing outcomes.


Silicone Wound Contact Dressing is designed for the management of a wide range of exuding wounds such as skin tears, skin abrasions, surgical incisions, partial thickness burns, lacerations, traumatic wounds, leg and foot ulcers, partial and full thickness grafts, radiation injuries. It can also be used as a protective layer on non-exuding wounds, blisters and on areas with fragile skin.

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