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First Aid Kit Gear

How do I use the items in my first aid kit?

If you buy a first aid kit, spend some time getting to know where everything is kept. Then if you need to use it you can quickly find the items you need.

It’s also important to know how to use the items in your first aid kit before you need them.

For example:

  • dressing pads cover and pack bleeding wounds
  • non-stick dressings cover wounds and burns
  • shock blankets help control body temperature
  • crepe or elasticised roller bandages give support for sprains and strains
  • triangular bandages can be used: as a sling to immobilise injured limbs, or as a pad to control bleeding or protect injuries
  • disposable resuscitation face shields protect you during mouth to mouth resuscitation
  • sterile saline tubes or sachets are used to flush debris from eyes and clean minor cuts and grazes

If you are not sure what the items in your first aid kit are used for, you can:

  • read your first aid booklet
  • take your first aid kit to a pharmacy and ask the staff for advice
  • take a first aid course