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Snake & Spider First Aid Kit

Snake & Spider First Aid Kit

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This kit is suitable for 5 people


 With approximately 100 venomous snake species in Australia, it is essential to be prepared in case of an emergency, in some cases it can be the difference between life and death. Snake bite first aid kits are light and conveniently sized. Inside you will find AEROFORM Tension indicator Bandages that assist in wrapping the area with the correct tension whilst applying the Pressure Immobilisation Technique. This technique is commonly used to treat all Australian snake bites, Blue Ringed Octopus Stings, Cone Shell stings and Funnel Web spider bites. 

Kit contains

1 x Snake Bite Bandage w/indicator 10.5M
1 x Splint 36″ 90cm x 11cm x 0.45cm
1 x Conf.Premium H/Weight 10cmx4.5M
1 x Snake Bite Marker
1 x Instant Ice Pack
1 x Non-Woven Swab 3pcs
1 x Calico Tri. Band. 110cm x 110cm
1 x Snake Bite Leaflet A5

All contents found in our snake bite first aid kits meet Australian Standard AS2675-1983.


  • All snake bite injuries should be treated as venomous as a precaution. If it is safe to do so, direct the patient to lay down and to stay as still as possible. Call 000 for assistance.
  • From the snake bite kit, get the AEROFORM bandage and start to wrap the hand if bitten on the arm or toes if bitten on the leg. Wrap the entire limb firmly with the bandage. When done correctly this will limit lymphatic movements. Be sure to leave the fingers or toes out to watch for changes in circulation.
  • Once this has been done, mark the site of the bite wound with a marker, if you don’t have one use dirt.
  • Splint the entire limb to restrict movement further.
  • Make the patient comfortable, reassure them whilst waiting for help to arrive.


Having a full equipped snake bite kit on hand enables the responder to act promptly and increase the likelihood of survival by reducing potential damage caused by the venom. AEROFORM Tension Indicator Bandages which are found in our kits are especially great for people who lack first aid skills as they are able to adequately assist whilst waiting for help to arrive. The kit is housed in a compact pack that can be easily grabbed and placed in a bag on or a belt. It has everything necessary to treat a snake bite wound sufficiently.


Commonly used to treat injuries caused by:

  • All Australian venomous snake bites, including sea snakes [Class A; LOE III]
  • Funnel Web spider bites [Class A; LOE IV]
  • Blue-ringed octopus stings [Class B; LOE Expert Consensus Opinion]
  • Cone shell stings [Class B; LOE Expert Consensus Opinion]
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